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Why good insurance is essential

Insurance is important because it is designed to pay various types of claims depending on the type of policy that applies. Important types of insurance typically include policies that are purchased for an automobile, a home, and those provided by an employer, such as a group health insurance policy. Insurance is mandatory depending on the type of insurance and why it is needed. Individuals in all states are required to be covered by an automobile insurance policy for the vehicle they drive. Insurers are also required to place minimum amounts of liability on a policy. A homeowner's insurance policy is typically required by a lender for a person who has a mortgage. Having a personal property or homeowner's policy is important because one of the biggest expenses a person can make is buying a home. Homeowner's policies provide protection from damage that is caused by fire, storms, vandalism and theft. Protection is also provided if someone gets hurt on the policyholder's property. The liability coverage on the policy will pay for injuries that are sustained and pay for legal costs if a policyholder is sued.